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"We love our money", "Wir lieben unser Geld"
28.08.2009 19:30 Uhr. Art Action Not authorised at the "Subvision Kunst Festival Off" in the "Hafen City Hamburg".
By Sister Victoria and Pater Louis.
During the opening of the Subvision Art Festival fake 500 € banknotes were thrown, like pamphlets. The Festival is located in Harbour City, a polemic architectural project of Hamburg. It is an isolated neighbourhood of the city, a kind of satellite, with modern and luxury buildings organized in blocks, it reminds us of the Truman Show village, with its strong feeling of non reality. The 500€ banknotes were designed on one side with an image of the Harbour City and on the other side the sentence: “The dream of Capitalism produces monsters” was written, quoting etching Nº 43 from Francisco de Goya.
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